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About Bre Smith

Bre Smith, also known as "Prophetess Bre", "Minister Bre", “Coach Bre”, or just plain "Bre", is the Founding Minister/Prophet of Bre Smith Ministries International whose mission is to help build, prepare, and empower believers to discover who they are in Christ and become mature in their spiritual walk. Bre Smith is also the CEO and Founder of AuthorPush Media Services LLC, which is an author media services company that focuses heavily on book marketing through her Television Talkshow & Podcast The AuthorPush Talkshow. Lastly, Bre Smith and her husband have founded Married With Autism LLC, whose mission is to help neurodiverse & neurotypical couples, both married & single, learn how to develop a happy, healthy, & successful marriage through Christian principles.

Prophetess Bre graduated from the University of Louisville with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology back in 2013. She recently received her Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Studies from the University of Richmond back in May 2021. She is married to the Love of her life Pastor Eric Smith. They both live in the DMV area. They currently sit under the Spiritual Covering of Apostle Barbara A. Thomas under I Come To Heal Ministries in Tn. Bre Smith is the author of the Bre’s Heavenly Adventures With Jesus Children's Book Series. A book series that not only teaches youth about developing positive moral character, but it also teaches youth about the power of resiliency. Most of the series surround real life issues that plagued Bre growing up, such as dealing with parental rejection, bullying, grief, faith, family, identity, etc. Bre has recently released a co-author a book that is an AMAZON Best Seller called Let The Kingdompreneur's Speak Vol. 1. This is not just a book, but a Kingdom resource to help current and aspiring entrepreneur's learn how to generate wealth and passive income.

Not only has Bre written several books but she has also spoken on a variety of platforms such as podcasts, radio interviews, and live tv broadcasts. Bre has also preached and taught within her local church as well as spoken on several ministry platforms. In October 2021, Bre had an opportunity to be a featured speaker on Che Brown's platform called The Comeback Champion Summit as well as The Release The Scars Summit. Bre has been featured on the front cover of Writer’s Life Magazine, AuthorPush Magazine, and Growth Women’s Business Networks Magazine as well as been spotlighted in Wealthy Coach Magazine, and Speak For Wealth Magazine. Bre has been featured in CBS, NBC, and Fox News for her work in youth resiliency. Most recently, Bre was given an opportunity to launch her own Television Talkshow Called The AuthorPush Talkshow which interviews authors regarding their books in order to help provide the viewing audiences with helpful tools and life strategies.

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