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He's Coming! He's Coming! He's Coming!

Jesus is coming back. Are you prepared? I just released a video titled He is Coming! We Must Prepare! In the video I talk about a dream the lord gave me two weeks ago where he told me three times with a sense of urgency. I AM COMING! I AM COMING! I AM COMING! Then he told me to look to the East. I saw a strange lightning strike and the entire sky was dark. Yesterday he released to me the two scriptures to go along with the dream. Revelation 22:7-21 and Matthew 24:27-54 which talks about his coming return. I’m not saying Jesus is coming back today or tomorrow or even 10 years from now. For the scripture tells us that we do not know the day nor the hour. Scripture also tells us that Jesus will be coming at a day and time when we will least expect him too. What does this mean for us as believers? It means we must make sure we are remaining watchful and ready for his return. How do we make ourselves ready? We must make sure that we are cleaning and purifying our temples (body/soul/spirit). Secondly, we must make sure that we are being found doing the assignments that the lord has released for us to do. This is no time to be caught off guard with worldly distractions. We must put our eyes back on the master. It is time to rebuild the wall and repair the breaches within our own lives! The Lord is saying to us choose this day whom you will serve! Because I AM COMING! I AM COMING! I AM COMING! Selah!

Prophetess Bre Smith

April 19th, 2022

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