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Prophetic Warning To Those In VA But All Take Heed

First, I repent because I should have released this word last week when he first gave it to me. But he set a lot of things in order this weekend, so I’m going to release what he is requiring for me to say from today and beyond.

During prayer last week the lord gave me a vision where I was a watching the news. At the bottom of the screen in a red box with white letters it read Breaking News headline first case confirmed of the outbreak in Virginia.

Now that’s all the lord showed me. He didn’t show me or tell me the name or anything else. He didn’t show or tell me when but I know something is getting ready to hit the state of Virginia.

But this morning as he was speaking to me telling me I need to release what I saw. He told me tell the people what is coming is worse than covid and they need to begin to prepare their bodies now.

A lot of people need to begin to detox their bodies in order to make it conducive to fight against what is coming. As well as begin to build their immune system up.

He told me to say what is coming is more deadlier.

Now I know a lot of other prophets are beginning to release similar words. But the Lord told me to release the portion he gave for me to release. I’m going to be obedient onto him.

As always please take this word back before the Father in your own prayer closets and get full instructions on how to cover yourself and your households during this time for what is coming. Let’s be sure to pray for the state of VA and the nation from this coming outbreak.

Prophetess Bre Smith

Prophetic Warning ⛔️


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